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Entry #2

game n new art

2010-03-15 00:52:51 by thelightningfist

new game fat ninja is releasing Control the fat ninja and clear various exciting levels by killing all the security agents without getting spotted.

Play this addictive flash game and control the fat ninja to kill all the enemies through various challenging stages without getting spotted by security agents.To clear each level, you must analyze the positions of security officials and take every step wisely to reduce the risk of mission failure. Also use various attacking options according to the scenario, as for every wrong move the possibility of ringing of alarms will increase.
Always keep an eye on the health and alarm status and don't forget to view detailed control instructions inside the game. Have Fun...
Basic Controls:
Movements Arrow Keys Attack from Back Z Key Hide Z Key Opening Doors Z Key Attack Space Bar Super Attack X Key Fighting Space Bar

game n new art


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2010-03-15 10:28:16

Nice game dude


2010-07-01 19:36:17

sshit man piece of sshit thats bad


2011-02-05 13:59:09

hey u suck hard buddy